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Travel Fever™

Introducing Travel Fever™, an extraordinary game show centred around a horizontal wheel with six bonus game stations. With on-screen history and statistics, as well as a cinematic experience, players can savour the game to the fullest.

Each bonus game mirrors a unique travel escapade, offering the opportunity to earn remarkable multipliers.

Embrace vibrant visuals, enriched by animations and background effects that breathe vitality into the gameplay.

With lighting and effective design, our studio creates a lively and immersive atmosphere synchronized with the gameplay.

The ultimate objective in Travel Fever™ is for players to predict both the landing segments of the main horizontal wheel and the outcomes at each bonus station.


6 bonus games ✔
3 bet types ✔
Configurable side bets ✔
sound effects & Animations ✔
Female game presenter near the wheel in Travel Fever.

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