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Majestic Wheelshow™

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Majestic Wheelshow™ – a game show like no other, where the magic lies in all of its little details. Hosted in a physical studio adorned with gorgeous design, this unique game promises an unlimited number of players an unforgettable experience.

Discover the Majestic Wheel: Embark on a journey with our physical wheel, adorned with several sectors, revealing a symphony of numbers and boosters that await every player’s spin.

Place Your Bets with Style: Indulge in 9 distinct numbers and the 'bet on all' option.

Dynamic Perspectives: Engage players in the heart of the action with 5 thoughtfully placed cameras, capturing the essence of every spin for a truly dynamic viewing experience.

Unveiling Majestic Numbers: Experience majestic numbers, each carrying multipliers, transforming players’ spins into moments of pure bliss.

Brand Brilliance: Let your brand shine on the centre of the wheel and the right panel screen, seamlessly integrating with the show's aesthetics.

Payouts: Players have the opportunity to win a potential payout of 20,000x, transforming each spin into a chance for monumental success.

Booster Bonanza: Encounter our booster area, boasting multipliers.

Mystery in Multipliers: Explore a world of compelling and interesting multiplier logic.

Tailored Triumphs: Customise players’ experience with configurable max win options.

Join us in Majestic Wheelshow™ and let the magic unfold with each mesmerising spin!


Majestic numbers & payouts ✔
booster sectors ✔
up to 20,000x multiplier ✔
digital branding ✔

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