Eclipse Blackjack™

Scale your blackjack game with Eclipse Blackjack™ - a gripping and scalable twist on our beloved Standard Blackjack game!

Hosted by a live dealer, this game welcomes an unlimited number of players to take a seat and dive into the action. Thanks to enhanced scalability, Eclipse Blackjack™ opens its doors to a new world of endless possibilities.

Immerse your players at the epitome of excitement as they explore a range of place side bets alongside the main bet, adding an extra layer of anticipation and potential wins. Further seamless gameplay awaits as Eclipse Blackjack™ introduces the convenience of a 'Place all side bets' button. With just one click, players can unleash the full potential of their bets.

And here's the real game-changer: Blackjack aficionados can tap into the collective wisdom of fellow enthusiasts. Real-time statistics made by other players provide valuable insights, while digital branding brings your dream live casino to life.

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Scalable game, infinite players ✔
Digital branding opportunity ✔
Main bet + 5 side bets ✔
configurable side bets (upon operator request) ✔
statistics of players' decisions ✔
Live chat ✔

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