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Eclipse Blackjackᵀᴹ

A new exciting and scalable variation of our classic Standard Blackjack game, Eclipse Blackjackᵀᴹ, is hosted by a game presenter and allows an unlimited number of players to take a seat and enjoy this exhilarating online table game.

Alongside enhanced scalability players can place side bets in combination with the main bet.

Eclipse Blackjackᵀᴹ allows players to place their bets on all side bets with one simple click by using the ‘Place all side bets’ button. Not only that, Blackjack fans can also see real-time statistics made by other players to help them decide what action to take next.

Want to see more? Click on the image to see the vide.


Scalable game, infinite players
Digital branding opportunity
Main bet + 5 side bets
configurable side bets (upon operator request)
statistics of players' decisions
Live chat
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