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Standard Roulette

Players will be enraptured by an exceptional real-life gaming experience that allows them to track the movement of the ball on every spin. With meticulously arranged cinematic visuals and multiple camera angles, we offer an immersive journey that exceeds any player's expectations.

Experience a world of sophistication and elegance as our professional dealers take centre stage in a modern and sleek environment. Their expertise and charm will elevate the gaming experience to new heights, ensuring every moment is filled with anticipation.

Place your players at the centre of the action with our four-camera view and watch as they dive into the racetrack, with drag-and-drop betting and visible statistics on the betting grid. Sit back, relax, and let the excitement unfold with our autoplay feature, seamlessly extending gaming sessions. And the best part? Our game speaks their language, supporting multiple languages.

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Game Snapshot

Standard Roulette is based on European Roulette rules
The roulette wheel consists of 37 pockets numbered 0-36, where 0 represents a single zero
Predict the number of the wheel's pocket where the spun ball will eventually land
Place your bet by selecting a chip value and placing on one or more bet spots on the betting grid or racetrack
Game presenter (croupier) will release the roulette ball into the ball track of the spinning wheel
The ball will come to rest in one ot the numbered pockets within the wheel and the game presenter will announce the winning number

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