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What does a career at OnAir Entertainment™ look like?

Our dynamic culture constantly evolves as we welcome new talent to our growing team. But while our diversity sets us apart, we are bound together by the values which define us as a studio.


We challenge the status quo to push boundaries and achieve excellence. We use a creative, forward-thinking approach to innovate our customer experience.


We bring fun into our journey, injecting energy into all that we do. We are eager, hungry and driven by delivery.


Our communication is open, honest and transparent. We respect one another, maximising our individual talents and strengths to bring fresh thinking to the table.

Looking for talent

IT Operations, Product, Design and more!

Join our Tech Hubs in Latvia, Poland and Estonia!

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Product jobs for live casino studio
Design jobs for live casino studio
Tech jobs in live casino studio

Game Presenters, Shufflers, Team Managers and more!

Join our Studios!

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Team Manager jobs for live casino
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We are a fast-growing company and are always looking for the best talent.
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