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Operational and dry run testing begins.

Take a Seat: Operational and Dry Run Testing Begins

RIGA – OnAir EntertainmentTM has completed development on its inaugural table game experience, Standard Blackjack, and is now putting the game through its final paces ahead of launch.

Designed to appeal to seasoned pros and newbie card players alike, OnAir Entertainment’sTM first blackjack title includes all the classic and well-known blackjack features, while also bringing two special features to the table. ‘Deal Now’ allows players to change the betting phase of a game while ‘Pre-decisions’ lets them decide what action to take before their turn.   

Players will also be able to socialize with other players using the live chat function within the game interface and access one-to-one customer support chat, emphasizing OnAir Entertainment’sTM player-first focus.

Media packs for customers are now available on our Client Zone customer portal, showcasing the game’s stunning backdrop and immersive live casino environment.

While its first live casino outing goes through thorough checks, OnAir EntertainmentTM is currently delivering training to its cast of charismatic game presenters and sharp shufflers.

Since coming together in December 2020, OnAir EntertainmentTM has surpassed 100 employees across product, operations and technology teams, with many more positions to be filled as the innovative live casino studio continues to grow.

Standard Blackjack is due for release soon, stay up to date by following OnAir EntertainmentTM on LinkedIn.

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