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Screenshot of Travel Fever gameplay, featuring male presenter.

OnAir Entertainment™ Launches Travel Fever™

Malta, 30th November — OnAir Entertainment™ is thrilled to announce the exclusive launch of Travel Fever™, a game show set to redefine the way players experience entertainment. With its debut, this marks the beginning of a new era for live casino game shows, setting the stage for the next wave of interactive and engaging gaming experiences.

A Game-Changer for Live Casino Entertainment

Travel Fever™ is a game show like no other, boasting a horizontal wheel with six bonus game stations. At each station, players embark on a unique travel escapade, offering them the opportunity to earn remarkable multipliers. The vibrant visuals, including on-screen history and statistics, and the array of animations and background effects enhance the game.

The ultimate objective in Travel Fever™ is for players to predict both the landing segments of the main horizontal wheel and the outcomes at each bonus station. With 6 bonus games, 3 bet types, configurable side bets, and an immersive atmosphere, Travel Fever™ is poised to become a fan-favorite among players.

A New Generation of Game Shows

OnAir EntertainmentTM is committed to creating a new generation of live casino game shows that are more engaging and interactive than ever before.

Armands Zalitis, Head of Product Design, commented on this momentous launch, saying, ‘Traditional live casino game shows have often lacked the ability to sustain players’ excitement through every game round. We’re turning convention on its head by incorporating the essence of a bonus round into every second round. Players are constantly presented with opportunities to potentially win big, experience heightened entertainment value, and immerse themselves in an atmosphere of anticipation.

OnAir EntertainmentTM‘s upcoming game shows will feature a variety of themes and gameplay mechanics, ensuring that there is something for everyone. The journey has just begun, and 2024 promises to be the year of game shows, including the recently announced Diamond Rush Roulette.

Travel FeverTM will be available to all operators on December 14th, 2023.

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