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The Innovation of Classic Table Games: A New Era of Interaction with Live Hosts 

Malta: 28th September 2023 – Classic table games have stood the test of time, capturing the hearts of players across generations. However, in today’s dynamic casino landscape, we’re witnessing a revolutionary transformation as classic table games are seamlessly integrated with the interaction of charismatic live hosts. This innovation is reshaping the way players engage with traditional favourites, creating a newly immersive gaming experience. 

A Game, a Host, and a Whole Lotta Fun! 

Live hosts inject a genuine human element into the gaming experience. Through real-time interactions, hosts engage in conversations, share anecdotes, crack jokes, and promptly respond to player queries and comments.  

From Solitaire to Socialite 

Players aren’t just interacting with the hosts; they’re bonding with fellow players, creating an electric atmosphere that rivals the real deal. They can even pick their favourite host. It’s like your casino just got a new VIP lounge! 

Merging Tradition with Modernity 

The fusion of classic table games and live hosts strikes a balance between tradition and modernity. The cherished essence of classic games is preserved, while modern technological advancements provide fresh dimensions to the gameplay. This harmony appeals to a diverse audience, from those looking for nostalgic experiences to players seeking engaging innovations

Adding Trust to the Equation: The Live Dealer Advantage 

With live dealers, trust grows as outcomes occur in real-time before players. Unlike the utilisation of RNG, results involve mechanical elements like the Roulette wheel or Blackjack tables. At OnAir, game integrity is paramount. Cards are shuffled openly before players’ eyes, ensuring fair play and transparency. 

Ready to Rock the Casino Universe? 

The fun has just begun! Nexus RouletteTM and 9 Pots of GoldTM are just the beginning, offering you a glimpse into the excitement ahead. Keep your radar on for more electrifying game shows coming your way.  

Ready to step into the future of gaming? Reach out to us and stay updated on our upcoming game shows! 

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