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Classic blackjack strategies

Classic Blackjack Strategies

Ready to belly up to the (virtual) table? Read on to learn some strategies and tips to get you playing blackjack like a seasoned pro!

What is live dealer blackjack?

Live dealer games bring the excitement and atmosphere of land-based casinos straight to you online. Hosted by a  game presenter, live dealer games all take place in real time, allowing you to play with a real person from wherever you may be!

Live dealers broadcast from studios with professional equipment to bring you an epic entertainment experience. OnAir EntertainmentTM has studios in Riga, Latvia and brings Blockbuster film quality to each and every hand with a cast of fantastic professional game presenters.

How do live dealer games differ from video table games available online?

Unlike video table games like Blackjack and Poker, live dealer titles allow players to engage with an actual person and play each hand at a pace they can savour. Whilst video games can give players a thrill, live dealer games bring the real deal—a casino atmosphere with an actual dealer!

We may be a bit biased, but we think live dealer titles are the most exciting games out there!

Are live dealer games legit?

Yes. Live dealer games are a safe and enjoyable casino entertainment experience when you are playing at a trustworthy online casino.

What are the ‘points’ all about?

Every playing card carries a specific value. The numbered cards (2 through 10) are simply worth their face value, regardless of card suit. Face cards are each worth ten points and aces can value either 11 or 1, depending on which value will deliver the best hand.

How do I win?!

The goal of blackjack is to beat the dealer by reaching a higher card score, without exceeding 21. After initial betting, your game presenter will deal the cards. You will receive two cards face up. The easiest and fastest way to win is to achieve a ‘natural blackjack’ meaning that your two dealt cards equal 21 (ace + face or 10 card). Of course achieving this is complete chance, but if you are lucky enough to land this combination, you win the hand!

If your initial cards do not achieve blackjack, you will need to make some decisions. Remember that when playing a live dealer game, you are playing solely against the dealer and whilst your cards are face up, only one of the dealer’s two cards are visible. You decide whether you want to ‘hit’ (request and additional card) or ‘stand’ (complete your turn in hopes that your point total beats the dealers) without ‘busting’ (going over 21). In addition to ‘hit’ and stand’, there are also Double Down and Split decisions that can be made in some situations. Also, Insurance is offered if game presenter’s upcard is an Ace.

As a player, it’s important to use all the information at your disposal to make an informed decision about your gameplay. Whilst you can’t see the dealer’s entire hand, you can see one of their cards and should think about the possible hand they are holding when wagering your next move. For example, let’s pretend the dealer is showing a 10 of clubs. Your hand is and 8 of diamonds and a 7 of hearts, totalling 15 points. You must decide whether you want to hit or stand on your hand. You may want to think to yourself what the dealer could possibly have that could beat your hand – and that answer, unfortunately, is quite a lot! The dealer could have any face card that would give them 21 points, or any card over six that would beat your fifteen point hand.

Deciding whether to hit or not is completely up to you. Many blackback professionals have penned their strategies, but the decision is yours, and yours alone to make.

So, let’s play out the hand! You decide to hit, and the game presenter deals you a 5 of hearts. This brings your total to 20. The ONLY card that could help you is an ace. You decide not to hit and to stand on the 20.

The dealer reveals their hand – the 10 of clubs and a 6 of diamonds for a total of 16 points. They hit and get a jack of spades, busting in the process. You win the hand! The dealer must draw to 16 and stand on all 17’s.

This is, of course, just an example and gambling is always a gamble! Never play what you can’t afford to lose. Blackjack is a fun and entertaining game, but should never be viewed as a way to ‘make money’.

We hope that you learned a little something from this – join us today, our tables are open!

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