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MrQ and OnAir logos side-by-side, representing their partnership agreement.

OnAir Entertainment™ and MrQ Establish A Partnership to Expand their Offer of Live Casino Gaming Experiences

Malta: 20th June 2023 – OnAir EntertainmentTM, the go-to provider of live casino and game shows, is thrilled to announce it has embarked on a partnership with MrQ, the UK’s fastest growing online casino. This partnership will mark a significant milestone for both OnAir EntertainmentTM and MrQ as they embark on reshaping the landscape of online casino gaming, driven by their innovative approaches.

MrQ has rapidly gained popularity by offering players a unique approach to entertainment, renowned for its commitment to transparency and creating a level playing field. In addition to beloved classics like Roulette and Blackjack, MrQ players will be able to enjoy the acclaimed immersive quality games of OnAir EntertainmentTM, such as Nexus RouletteTM and Card Matchup.

OnAir EntertainmentTM has distinguished itself by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies and tailoring gaming environments to suit the unique requirements of operators. By combining MrQ’s customer-centric approach with OnAir Entertainment’sTM expertise in developing customized environments, the collaboration promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience that exceeds players’ expectations.

James Jones, Chief Commercial Officer of OnAir EntertainmentTM, expressed his enthusiasm, “We are thrilled about this collaboration, which combines the power of our immersive gaming experiences with MrQ’s commitment to revolutionising the online gaming landscape. Through our state-of-the-art technologies, we offer bespoke experiences to our partners, and in collaboration with MrQ, we will push the boundaries of industry standards, enhancing players satisfaction to extraordinary degrees.”

Aaron Braund, Gaming Operations Manager at MrQ added, “MrQ is always looking to enrich the player experience and offer the very best in gaming content. With a mutual passion for technology and customer experience, OnAir EntertainmentTM was a natural choice for MrQ. Together, we anticipate further growth in our live casino vertical and look forward to a prosperous partnership.”

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